A new business opportunity with the objective of making it easier for the public to buy the desired watch by selling those they no longer use, without discriminating any product or customer and at the best market price.

Watch Upgrade®

We would like you to become a new member of the Watch Upgrade® Club, a new exclusive business opportunity for the best jewelry stores in the world.

The Watch Upgrade® is a new sales tool.

From Bonhill we guarantee the immediate repurchase of all the used watches of your clients at the best market price.

Combined with your wide offer of the most current models, prestige and credibility, it becomes a key tool to attract customers and increase sales.

In a challenging market environment where the watch sales are almost in recession, the Watch Upgrade ® Program is a proven tool to generate growth and additional turnover. It gives clients a motivation to buy a new timepiece while they were not considering such purchase or to actually spend more than what they had planned.
Not only it gives your business a competitive advantage versus your competition and sets your retail operation ahead of all other stores, it also provides you with a new CRM tool to re-activate your client’s data base, leverage sleeping clients and attract a new audience.

The growth of the second-hand watch market has been 40% per year, while the growth of the first market has been 3%.

In 2018 the total sales of luxury watches worldwide was USD 48 billion, of which USD 43 billion were from the primary market and USD 5 billion from the secondary market.

If this dynaminc continues, within 5 years the preowned market could be USD 25 billion, which is half of the global business .

*Data projection according to current evolution

This is the reason why large groups and even independent brands are positioning themselves in one way or another in this market.